What we do

CGI-images – computer generated images produced from CAD, design drawing or a physical product. These images can be used to visualize product line-ups, products in photographed locations, interiors, exteriors and much more. The sky is the limit! Think outside the box!

Animation – moving 3D or 2D images. It’s possible to animate almost everything, which gives you the power to move objects any way you like in commercials, presentations, instructional movies etc.

VFX – Visual Effects. Special effects based on live action often in combination with CGI. These effects are used to create realistic environments, organic materials, or characters when the real thing is too expensive, too dangerous, or simply impossible to capture on film.

Motion Graphics – when you put graphic designed elements into motion. Commonly used when companies want to show their logo or brand name in a commercial or a title movie.

Compositing – combining CGI or live-action elements into one film/animation. Used in all kinds of productions that require multi-shot workflow or CGI-integration.

Retouch/Grading – retouch and colour grading to improve digital pictures or movies.